See the finer details…


My work has put  me in some amazing situations, from deep in the rainforests of Peru to the streets and studios of Philadelphia and  NYC.  My photography will take you to places you don’t normally go and make you see your surroundings in new ways.  You will see aspects of people, places and food that tell both their story and your’s. This same attention ensures that the stylist shows up on time and the props are delivered.  My eye for details sets me apart, whether its through my photography or running the business built around it.

The art is in the story telling.
Exotic locales, daring tales, and interesting people  are but a part of the equation.   You need a photographer who realizes that a every  photo requires the same creative eye and technical finesse.   Part of being a photographer is technical.   My lighting and  technical abilities are honed with years of experience.  The second major component is the ability to cull and combine, to edit a body of images into a cohesive body of work.  The art is the storytelling– it  makes a series of photos a tale to behold rather than a mere coincidence.   You want imagery that tells your story and the story of your brand.  I’m here to spin the tale for you.

Expanding the mission.
Photography is no longer just about still images.  As we have seen the marked shift from the analog and print world,  so too we have see a shift in the types of content people now produce and consume.  While still focused around the still image, photography  has started to incorporate video, moving images, audio and other new and ever-expanding  forms of digital content.  As an artist this is a very exciting time as the field is so wide open to possibility . As you and your audience move into the 21st century, so too should your photographer.

Personal, Professional Service.
I live my life and do my business with ethics, compassion, simplicity and common sense in mind.  I’ve dealt with everyone from  Fortune 500 CEO’s and famous athletes.  I enjoy every person I meet and want to hear their story.  Part of the service I offer is that I make our work productive, simple and  enjoyable – dare I say, fun.  It needs to be this way, because  business is complicated enough.  Just because our work is a serious matter does not mean it should be anything but easy.

My Clients include:

  • Blackrock Financial, Inc
  • Guideposts Magazine
  • Philadelphia University
  • W. Atlee Burpee & Company
  • Red Bull USA
  • Red Bull Media Files
  • JKR Partners Architecture and Design
  • Rodale Publishing
  • Bicycling Magazine
  • Runner’s World Magazine
  • Stephen Varenhorst Architects
  • The Academy of Natural and Sciences at Drexel University
  • CLO Magazine
  • Wonkavision Magazine
  • Michelle Freeman Marketing and Events
  • Campus Philly
  • Inside Archery Magazine
  • Steel Force Broad Heads
  • Talent Management Magazine
  • Mediatek Publications

Professional Affiliation:
Member of ASMP, PPA, EP.

How do you want your story told?